Hello. How's your 2020 been so far? I've spent a couple weeks watching the new season of The Crown (great cast, good episodes, didn't really get a sense that the season was a complete unit of storytelling), dealing with a bogus, malicious Yelp review of my business that went hilariously viral (dude managed to make up a story that made him a laughingstock), and kicking around these boards a bit. It's been good to spend a couple weeks resetting my brain after bingeing Kuuga, but now I'm refreshed and ready to jump onto the next Heisei series.

So, yes, hi, welcome back. My name's Kamen Rider Die, and this is going to be a thread where I watch Masked Rider Agito and talk about my experience. I'd be thrilled if you wanted to talk about it with me.

A little background, first. I still describe myself as "new to the Kamen Rider franchise", since I've only been at it for not quite two years. (March 16th is my Riderversary, which is maybe something I should find some way to celebrate this year!) In those two years, though, I've watched what feels like way, way too much Kamen Rider. I've done the following series in the following order:

Ex-Aid (Best part: My first ever Kamen Rider show! // Worst part: That demin-clad dink who stalks Nico in the Another Ending movies.) (I talk about rewatching the movies here!)
Amazons (Best part: Jin Takayma! // Worst part: Finding out that a movie whose plot is best summarized as "Kamen Rider vs Never Let Me Go" could be infuriatingly bad.)
W (Best part: Shotaro and Philip's chemistry. // Worst part: How the show squanders Wakana at the end.)
OOO (Best part: Ankh! // Worst part: Not applicable.)
Fourze (Best part: Flawless string of opening episodes. // Worst part: A bit of wheel-spinning in the last third.)
Wizard (Best part: Last few episodes, the way the main plot concludes. // Worst part: Besides Beast and Rinko, I'm not sure a single other protagonist worked for me.)
Gaim (Best part: Character development for miles, every character grows and changes... // Worst part:...except for the female characters, who, if you'll pardon the expression, are left to wither on the vine.)
Drive (Best part: Theme song! // Worst part: My shattered heart, thanks to Heart.)
Ghost (I talk a ton about it here!)
Build (I talk a ton about it here!)
Kuuga (I talk a ton about it here!)

Which is a lot! Holy shit, it's a lot. Seeing it like that, uh. That's, that is a busy 22 months. Wow. Yikes.

Anyway, so that's my background with the franchise. Over the next few weeks, I'll be watching Agito and posting some impressions here. A few things I should mention in advance, if you haven't read through one of these before. First, PLEASE DON'T POST SPOILERS FOR AGITO (OR RYUKI THROUGH DECADE AND ZI-O) IF YOU'VE SEEN IT ALREADY. I like to go into these cold, without any expectations, so please try to stay away from even teasing where the story might go. And, since I'm going to watch the other Heisei shows I haven't seen yet, please try and steer clear of talking about those on this thread. Second, I MIGHT SPOIL OTHER SHOWS I'VE SEEN. If you want to stay unspoiled on those shows I referenced up top, the Phase 2 Heisei stuff and Kuuga, this is maybe not a great thread for you! When things line up for comparisons, yeah, I'm probably going to refer to another show, mostly Kuuga to start with. Just, forewarned. Third, I TAKE THESE SHOWS WEIRDLY SERIOUS AND ALSO KIND-OF NOT AT ALL SERIOUS. It's hard to describe. I approach these shows as art, not just entertainment. I want to see what themes are being expressed, what the producers are trying to get across to the audience using the medium of Children's Superhero Program. I may legitimately forget to care about things like form changes and suit tweaks if there are Big Emotions happening in the storytelling. But, these shows are also entertainment, so I may goof around with things, riff on characters I don't like, make up names for people if it's easier for me, and just generally try and have a good time watching and talking about a Kamen Rider show. Finally, maybe most importantly, THESE THREADS ARE PARTICIPATORY. I like talking about how these shows are working (or not working) for me, but I love hearing how you feel about them. If you've got something to say about the episodes, or my take on the episodes, I definitely want to hear it. It's been a blast connecting with other fans through these threads, and they're a real part of why I want to keep talking about Kamen Rider.

I think that's it for the preamble? I feel like I've gotten all the important table-setting out of the way. So, on to MASKED RIDER AGITO! Ostensibly a new hero! Presumably a new legend! GET ON!