Hi, hello, welcome. My name's Kamen Rider Die, and I'm a Kamen Rider fan.

Briefly, I got into Kamen Rider as a franchise early in 2018 by blowing through Ex-Aid. I loved it, and moved back to Kamen Rider W, working my way up to the present. I've done W, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, Ex-Aid, and Amazons in the last year and a half. That's my limited, but growing, knowledge base.

So far, here on the boards, I've spent some time talking with folks about my first time through Kamen Rider Ghost, and a recent quick rewatch of the Ex-Aid movies. Chronologically, that means I'm ready to start watching and talking about Kamen Rider Build. Maybe y'all want to talk about it with me? That's my hope, anyway.

My only request, if you've got stuff you want to say about Build, is please please please don't spoil anything. I haven't seen these episodes before, and I've purposefully tried to limit my exposure to spoilers. Please, don't even hint at upcoming Build stuff if you can avoid it. I know it's old news to most/all of you, but I'd like to see it all without preconceptions. That said, anything from W to Ex-Aid is fair game, and I imagine I'll be referencing those series liberally, so, uh SPOILER WARNING if you haven't watched those series. Thanks!

Okay, that's the preamble. Let's check out Kamen Rider Build! Will it and I be a Best Match? Or will this experiment end in failure? IT'S SHOWTI--oh wait shit sorry, that's a different show. Just, uh, let's do the next post. Sorry.