Hi. My name is Kamen Rider Die, and this is going to be a thread where I watch Kamen Rider Den-O for the first time and talk about the experience. Thanks for checking out at least this post before maybe deciding against continuing!

I always wonder if one of these intro posts is going to be a short one. I've done enough of them (this is... 11?) that they probably don't need a lot of explanation anymore. It's been a year plus of these. But, y'know, here we are at the second paragraph and I'm just talking about nothing, typing for the sake of typing. So, no, I don't believe this intro post will be the Short One.

Anyway, hi, yes, welcome to Kamen Rider Die watches Kamen Rider Den-O. I've been doing these watch threads for a while now, and I'm working my way up to the present. Started watching Kamen Rider as a franchise with Ex-Aid, then hit the preceding Phase 2 Heisei shows. Ran aground a bit with Ghost, which led me to posting here to try and crowdsource a lifeline. Worked out pretty good (really liked some of that middle section of Ghost), so I kept it up with Build. I was always planning on watching the Phase 2 stuff so I could better appreciate Zi-O... but then I was like Man You Need To Watch Those Phase 1 Shows. So I put off Zi-O for another few years, and went all the way back to Kuuga. Been working up to the present, and here we are at Den-O.

I don't really know much about Den-O. My only experience with the concept is when Den-Other Guy would show up in the OOO movie or whatever to get crucified, or when Momotaros showed up in the Ex-Aid tournament movie. The premise I'm not entirely clear on (imagination monsters???), and I don't think I've ever seen anything with Den-Original. I don't really know too much, other than it's considered to be one of the better series creatively, and one that was a massive success commercially. I'm looking forward to watching it.

Really, though, I'm looking forward to watching it with you all. I genuinely can't remember what it's like to not have the communal experience of watching a show for the first time in the company of knowledgeable, passionate fans like you find on TokuNation, and I don't plan on finding out any time soon. The thing is, to make the experience a good one for both of us, we need to lay down some quick guidelines.

This is the big Don't. I'm watching this for the first time, and I like to stay as spoiler-free on it as possible. Please don't talk about anything further than the episode I'm on. Like, not even vague hints ("If you liked the episode about Den-O applying for a mortgage, wait'll you see what happens with the Kamen Rider Credit Union!") or series trivia because that gets me expecting things and that is a bummer. I like being as surprised as is possible for someone watching a 14-year old show designed to sell toys to Japanese children, so please try and respect that very normal request. No spoilers, and no spoiler tags (?€˜cause the untagged part gets emailed to me, thanks TokuNation), that'd be great.

Oh! And the same goes for anything from Kiva, Decade, and Zi-O up. I'll be watching and writing about all of those shows, so if you can stay away from discussing them on this thread, it would be appreciated.

I know, I know, and I'm sorry. This is an upfront warning that I may casually (but not egregiously) spoil things from shows I've watched. I really only do it when something in the current show reminds of something from a show I've already watched. The thing is, that can be minor (the Kabuto boys are like a flipped version of the OOO boys), or it can be major (this death scene reminds me of this other death scene). Please stay away from this thread if you don't want to risk being spoiled on Kuuga through Kabuto, and Double through Build.

I mean... you've read this far into the post, right? It's going to be like this for the next two months, so be onboard with that. This ain't my job, it's a hobby, and hobbies should be fun. Ergo, I am trying to make this experience fun for me, in every way. I am more concerned with trying to get across my feelings about an episode than I am about making sure I get a name right (assuming I don't just make one up because: see above), and my interests lie more in themes and emotions than in describing fight scenes or caring about new suits. I love being able to crack into stories, and there's a lot in the average Kamen Rider episode I'll want to address, but it won't be everything and it may not be in a manner you'll enjoy/understand. I don't know. Just, forewarned that I'm doing this my way, I guess.

One of the best things that's ever happened to me in a fandom is being able to enjoy Kamen Rider here on the TokuNation boards. It has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of these shows, and it is now an intrinsic part of how I experience Kamen Rider as a franchise. It's not a solo endeavor, it's a team experience, which is hilarious coming from probably the only guy on these boards that doesn't (currently) care about Sentai or Power Rangers. Either way, I like getting to share what I'm getting out of these shows, but I love hearing what other people think about them. If you've got things to say about an episode of Den-O, I'm anxious to hear it. If you'd rather just read along, though, that's cool, too. Just know that this is a space for all of us to talk about Den-O, and I'm just the conductor.

Train reference! On that note, I think the Den-O train is about to leave the station. Expect new episode posts daily except for Tuesdays, unless something comes up. I'm using the OZC-Live subs instead of TV-Nihon, but I can switch if that's a mistake. Very excited to start a brand-new Kamen Rider show with everyone, and I'm even more excited to maybe find out what the hell "Den-O" even means. Like, Kamen Rider Blade? Easy! Build? Figured it out! Den-O? Nothing, no clue, no ideas, just dumb jokes. Getting to solve that weird riddle is my fondest hope for Episode 1 of Kamen Rider Den-O. Will it be granted? Let's find out together!