I'm Kamen Rider Die. I've been spending the last few weeks writing about my first viewing of Kamen Rider Ghost. (Short version: better than you'd think, not as good as you'd like.) I'm planning on writing about the various Kamen Rider series I haven't seen yet, and I'd be thrilled if you wanted to talk with me (and each other!) about the stuff I'm watching.

A little recap about me as a fan: I'm fairly new to the Kamen Rider franchise, starting with Ex-Aid back in March 2018. After that, I went back to W, and watched forward to, most recently, Ghost. (I also did Amazons, which, anyone watch that new Terminator trailer? I was getting serious Jin Takayama vibes off of Sarah Connor. That's a good thing!) The next series I'm going to tackle is Build, but before that, I wanted to rewatch the Ex-Aid movies.

Mostly it's for two reasons. One, I don't want to spend a month rewatching all of Ex-Aid when I'm aching to get started on Build. I mean, I just watched Ex-Aid last year, it's still pretty fresh in my head. Not super fresh, so rewatching the movies should be enough to remind me of how the series went. The second reason I want to rewatch the Ex-Aid movies is that I've watched way more Kamen Rider now than I had then, so I'm curious how they'll play for me.

Since this is a rewatch, feel free to talk about any Ex-Aid thing you want, I'm not considering anything from that show a spoiler in this thread. Similarly, I'm okay with any mentions from W through Ghost. Please, though, no mentions for stuff from Build, Zi-O, Zero-One, or anything pre-W. Please don't even tease stuff! I'm hoping to go into those shows as fresh as possible, so if you could help me out on that, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks, now it's onto the Ex-Aid movies! Let's clear this with perfect co-op and a ton of continues because this is going to be a thread discussing at least three movies and I'm not writing about them all at once! GAME START!