Hi. My name’s Kamen Rider Die, and this is a thread where I watch Kamen Rider Faiz for the first time and talk about it.

I usually try and keep a bit of space between one show and another, try to take decent-sized breaks. (Oh! I’ve done a few of these before, I forgot to mention that. I’ve got threads where I watch and talk about Ghostthe Ex-Aid moviesBuildKuugaAgito, and Ryuki. Check ‘em out if you’re interested!) A week or so of no Kamen Rider, decompress, live a little, whatever. But boy howdy is now a time where I 100% want to be losing myself in a great big TV show, so here we are watching Faiz already.

(Also, hey, how are you all doing? I know this ain’t the How Is Everyone Today thread, but if anyone needs someone to talk to right now, aside from the Kamen Rider stuff, I’m happy to help. I want to protect your smiles, which is a thing I learned on a TV show I can’t remember the name of right now!)

If you’ve never read one of these Kamen Rider Die Watches threads, uh, thanks for reading this one! I’ve only got a couple few guidelines, just to make this a smooth, fun experience for everyone.

First, PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT ANY FAIZ EPISODES BEYOND THE ONES I’VE POSTED ABOUT. This is my first viewing of Faiz, and I’d like to experience it as cleanly as possible. Please, if you can, don’t spoil anything. Even little bits of teases about where the story’s going to go, little Oh If You Liked Character X Because They Did Thing Y, Wait Until Episode Z things, please don’t. Even those tiny morsels get my head expecting things, and that makes it less fun for me. Thanks in advance!

Second, PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT SERIES I HAVEN’T WATCHED YET. If y’all could keep mum about Blade through Decade, and Zi-O up, I’d be super grateful.

Third, I’LL PROBABLY TALK ABOUT SHOWS I’VE SEEN AND MAYBE SPOIL THEM. Sort-of a dick move, I know, but… I don’t know, no “but”, I guess. Just a dick move, and I’m sorry. I’ll try not to be egregious with it, but if I see a similarity to another Kamen Rider series, I’ll point it out. For those who are trying to stay unspoiled on certain series, the following are what I consider up for grabs: Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, and Double through Build.

Fourth, EXPECT A RAMBLING, DIGRESSIVE THREAD THAT’S LARGELY ABOUT HOW I FEEL WATCHING THESE EPISODES AT THE EXPENSE OF A TIGHT RECAP OR LEGIBLE SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION. This is not a Wiki substitute. I’m not going to necessarily touch on everything in an episode. I might forget to talk about new suits or powers. I’m more concerned with the emotional impact of stories than debating plot mechanics. I’m also writing these to have fun, and I’m pretty much just going to be talking about whatever’s fun for me to talk about. I’ll make jokes, I’ll make up names, I’ll generally screw around when it’s fun to do so. I take these shows seriously, but I’m not serious about them, if that makes any sense. If it doesn’t, hey, sneak preview of what this thread is going to read like!

Finally, most importantly (actually that No Spoiler thing is most important, please don’t screw me on this people), I’M ONLY DOING THIS BECAUSE I LOVE GETTING TO TALK ABOUT KAMEN RIDER WITH OTHER FANS. This is all very much a discussion to me. I’m excited to hear the thoughts, memories, theories, emotions, rants and raves of Kamen Rider fans. This TokuNation community has been unbelievably generous to me, giving me a little corner to be exceptionally weird and occasionally insightful about Kamen Rider, but the biggest gift it's given me is the chance to hear from passionate, knowledgeable fans. Anything you folks have to say about Faiz (except spoilers, please please please), I want to hear it. I don’t even give a shit if it’s just to disagree with me. I love dissenting opinions as much as I do consensus. I just like talking about this stuff, you know? The more, the merrier.

Okay, that’s all of the warnings and disclaimers out of the way. It’s time to watch Kamen Rider Faiz! I’ve got 555 problems and hopefully a Kamen Rider ain’t one!