Y'know, not bad. Dopey as hell, but a pretty fun two-episode lark. That tonal whiplash, though!

I've only seen a few Sentai episodes, and only as a result of Kamen Rider crossovers, but (and I don't mean this as an insult, I swear): they seem pretty juvenile? Like, Kamen Rider is a show for children, but Sentai seems like a show for children. The main heroes seem way goofier than I'm used to from Rider shows. Like, are they all comedy relief? Is it just heightened from the crossoverness of these types of episodes? I don't know if I'm seeing the normal version of these characters or not. Was this representative of the Animal Teens Super-Hero Dance Program, or not?

I sort-of assume it was, because virtually nothing about this episode of Ghost seemed different. I mean, sure, Animal Teen Red shows up for a fight, and there's a Go See The New Movie Featuring Shocker guy, but the rest of it was pretty heavy on the melodrama and arc stuff that the show normally deals in. Which, how the hell would this play for someone who just watches the Sentai programs and checked in with this one episode of Ghost? They spell nothing out for you. Animal Teens, at least that was early enough in the season where they could get away with a monster-of-the-week plot and no arc stuff I could notice. (Again, I don't know these shows, so maybe it's all monster-of-the-week and no arc stuff?) I was able to watch the Animal Teens episode cold and follow the character relationships pretty easily (they are very broadly sketched) and get a whole story. The Ghost episode was just "this guy you don't know gets possessed, this other guy you don't know is being hunted, some other guy got killed last week but he's not really dead, some other other guy is in a dark room and he cares about some other room that isn't working right, TUNE IN NEXT WEEK." I mean, not new-viewer friendly. Weird choice.

Still, I had fun. It sucks that the show needed to move Makoto off-screen for a bit, but I'm psyched for more Alain. He's maybe my favorite character on the show right now?