Hi everybody.

I'm Kamen Rider Die, and I'm new to these boards as a poster, and relatively new to Kamen Rider as a franchise. I started with Ex-Aid back in March of 2018, and since then I've been working my way through the Neo Heisei series. I've done:

W (fantastic, the last arc is maybe a little less fantastic)
OOO (not the best at anything, but good at absolutely everything, my favorite series so far)
Fourze (best opening episodes, best ensemble, maybe not a great suit design)
Wizard (great suit design, Beast is fun, mediocre everything else)
Gaim (excellent arc, good ambiguous "villains", Peko is hilariously worthless)
Drive (BEST theme song, Heart and Chase are great, the middle of the series is a little muddled)
Amazons (first season good, second season super weird but mostly not good, the movie is an insult)

...aaaaaannndddd now I'm working through Ghost. It is not going great. I'm up to episode 23, just before the Sentai crossover, and just after the Ichigo movie. I've never posted on these boards, and I thought, "KRD, what better way to introduce yourself to a batch of knowledgeable, engaged fans than by sharing your suffering with them? As Takeshi Hongo says in the surprisingly dull Ghost spring movie, 'We're all a single precious life,' so isn't my pain other fans' pain? Can't we all work together to help me get through this?"

Long story short, I was hoping you'd all be cool with me venting about the episodes of Ghost I'm watching. This is my first watch through, so if you comment (and please feel free to comment), please, no spoilers about what's to come in this series. Please don't even tease stuff. Anything prior to the episodes I post about is fair game, or any other series I've watched is also cool, but I'd rather go into future episodes cold. Thanks!

Oh, and also, I'm new at this franchise, so please forgive any names/terms I get wrong, unless I'm doing it as a joke because a lot of this needs humor to keep from crying. I'll do my best!