"Our work is done
We sucked the life out of every living thing
Oh under the sun
And our work is done"

-Superchunk, "Our Work Is Done"

And that's it for me and this thread! A super weird experience, but a fulfilling one.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who came along on this ride with me. Getting to hear the trivia, the memories, the insights, the frustration, the elation... it's a real gift to choose to share that with me (and others!), and it's something I treasure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Normally, I've got a new Figuart to open when I've closed out a series, but WOW am I not the type of fan who's willing to pay the current aftermarket price for a Seihou Hibiki. Instead, I spent the afternoon building this guy, and I am not feeling bad about that alternative:

It's this year's Figure-Rise Hibiki, and he's a pretty fun build. Some of the stickers are a pain in the ass (the ones around his wrists and ankles are poorly designed), but I like him a lot. A worthy addition to my little trophy shelf.

Oh! And how about a Word Cloud?

Sure to be a few random phrases that can sum up our feelings about Hibiki. "Plot Need Love" fairly leaps out at you, right?

Other than that, I'm gonna make myself scarce for a bit. Decompression sounds like a real treat. I'll pop into this thread when I've got something to say, but don't be surprised if it's more radio silence than usual for the next couple weeks.

Unless something weird happens, expect to see "Kamen Rider Die watches Kamen Rider Kabuto" land on these boards on December 3rd. Until then, I hope you're able to live your life the way you want!