And that's it for "Kamen Rider Die watches Kamen Rider Kabuto”!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to share your thoughts on Kabuto, or even just your thoughts on my thoughts on Kabuto. This was a really enjoyable thread. Pretty smooth sailing, with only a couple patches of choppy water, and a nice way to kick off a new year. Y'all are consistently the best, and I'll never get tired of telling you that. You are the Tendou to my Kagami, providing an ideal to live up to and an excellence to strive for.

A few bits of business before the Captain goes on vacation again for a few weeks:

-I still don't have a SHF Kabuto (prioritized Seihou Hibiki, do not regret it), so please enjoy this photo of my Figure-Rise Kabuto kicking a newly-opened SHODO Dark Kabuto entirely in the junk as a way of commemorating another series completion.

-Here's the Word Art for my episode posts on Kabuto. (As always, this doesn't include my responses or your responses. This is generated off of my Google Doc for the series.) Tendou being dead-center seems unbelievably appropriate, but what jumps out to you?

-This thread will obviously stay open for everyone's further thoughts on Kabuto, and I'll try and respond as best I can, but I'm happy to just sit back and let folks get their final words in on Kabuto. My work is mostly done on this thread, and I'm going to be taking a slight break for a few weeks. Definitely a few life things I've let slide that I need to address. Let's just say that A Deep Apartment Cleaning is another end-of-thread tradition...

-Otherwise, I'll be back with "Kamen Rider Die watches Kamen Rider Den-O” on February 18th. Very excited to finally get to this series, and very very excited to share the experience with all of you. Until then, keep walking your path to heaven, don't be afraid to feel your Very Big Feelings, remember to act with noblesse oblige, and never forget that you're... you're, uh... (beautiful?) Yes, yes! That, that!