And that about does it for “Kamen Rider Die watches Kamen Rider Saber (and writes fan-fiction)”!

Huge thanks, as always, to everyone who dropped by the thread to share their thoughts, opinions, and feelings about Kamen Rider Saber. You are the best part of watching these shows, and never more so than when a show takes as long for me to get into as this one did. It’s a tricky show, and not one that was as easily enjoyed as others. The show comes at typical plots by weird angles, which is not necessarily to the plots’ credit. But the cast is fantastic, and the unique wavelength the show operates on is eventually discernible and navigable, so the overall takeaway is delight.

In that vein, I hope people enjoyed this thread. The fan-fiction component was a lot of work, but I liked playing around with it for a few months, and hopefully they were at least a little entertaining as a diversion. The show write-ups… I’m sorry, I guess? Never really felt like I said anything of value or insight, and frequently felt like I was just getting in the way. They were all honest attempts to share a view of this show, but I basically felt like you’d all be better off if I just posted a screencap and let you handle the discussion from there. Better luck on Revice, I suppose!

Which is coming up pretty soon! Gonna take a couple weeks off for work stuff and to catch up on Geats, then right back at it with “Kamen Rider Die watches Kamen Rider Revice” on (probably) April 13th. I’d really like to finish off Revice by the end of June, or close to it, so the break between threads is going to be a lot shorter this time.

This thread isn’t going anywhere, though, so feel free to continue to share any thoughts you’ve got on this show. I’ll probably be a little scarce, but this was always as much your thread as mine, and I’m excited to see how you add to its story. This may be my last post in the thread, but only you can decide how it ends.

Thanks again for being a part of this experience! See you in April for Revice!