I mean, of course this show resolves its Berserk Form storyline by having Touma write a happier ending for his uncontrollable collectible. Of course.

It’s an incredibly sweet ending. Primitive Dragon is revealed to be a scared child, lashing out from sorrow and loneliness. It’s there on the costume, and on the book: a grasping hand, looking for someone to call a friend. Touma’s solution is to let Primitive Dragon know that, even in the times when all of its friends had vanished, it was never really alone. It had the wind, the seas, the earth to be there for it. It’s a lovely way of showing how depression can be just a way of feeling cut off from the world, not feeling cut off from people. Touma’s intervention is a reminder that Primitive Dragon is still a part of the world, so it can still make new friends, find new happiness.

Elemental Dragon continues that really lovely trend of smart suit designs, with a pair of shaking hands as its armor, and a big ol’ THANK YOU when Touma de-Henshins. It’s all about harnessing this group of friends – the elements of nature and a gigantic skeleton dragon and a sword-fighting novelist – into an unstoppable force for justice. I don’t know if I love the All Colors scheme of it, but I like how much it’s about the end of this particular story.

And the story’s a great Saber-specific story, about how much perspective and intention matter when we’re processing events. What to a small child might look like abandonment and an ending, to an adult might look like a new chapter. It’s a nice parallel to Kento’s story, where he’s unable to see past his fears and find hope in Touma’s ability to change someone’s fate. This is a series about not accepting terrible outcomes and trying to create a better future, so it stands to reason that Kento lifelong pessimism is the biggest obstacle this show can have right now.

Mostly because it’s sure not going to be Legeiel! He gets an interesting little coda, where it becomes clear that he (and probably Zooooooous) wasn’t aware of his past, and therefore maybe was rewritten to be a blundering villain. I still don’t really care about the Book Club – and this episode was them as yet another forgettable speed-bump along a much more interesting road – but at least the show is trying to provide some additional depth to them.

Overall, a very sweet conclusion to the Primitive Dragon arc. It’s an ending that I literally can’t think of another Kamen Rider show attempting, and it landed the surface-level absurdity with grace and beauty. High marks for this one.


Rintaro had arrived in time to see his friends fighting Legeiel. It was already going poorly.

Legeiel was more gold then Rintaro remembered. With the way he was keeping Ogami and the Sword of Light at bay, he was likely empowered by some Megid scheme. It was always some Megid scheme.

Touma was there. Rintaro wasn’t surprised. Even if Legeiel hadn’t been screaming for Touma to fight him, Touma couldn’t stay away from people in danger. And, at this point, Touma also couldn’t keep from putting people in danger.

It was why Rintaro had come, after all.

He’d known the destructive power of Primitive Dragon, and how it was commandeering Touma’s body during battle. Touma swore he could learn to control it, but Rintaro knew better. Touma’s faith in his ability to save people was going to get people hurt, and Rintaro was going to have to hurt Touma, in turn. Touma had asked Rintaro to make sure that Primitive Dragon didn’t harm any innocents, and Rintaro was going to keep his promise.

Soon, it looked like.

Primitive Dragon was tearing away at the Sword of Light, while Legeiel attacked Ogami. Soon, Rintaro would have to intercede, and stop the rampaging–


Primitive Dragon, the whirlwind of ferocious destruction, had stopped. It stood there, deaf and blind to the world. It was the only time Rintaro had ever seen it when it wasn’t attacking friend and foe alike, and it looked… peaceful? There was a melancholy to its color and shape that Rintaro felt vaguely protective of.

“Touma is doing his best to find a solution right now!” the Sword of Light shouted.

Ogami responded, “We gotta hold Legeiel back until then!”

As Legeiel battered his friends, Rintaro could see the truth of it. Touma wasn’t about to fall to the rage of a mystical story, or lose himself in bottomless rage. Touma was going to win. He was going to do the impossible, and convince an immortal weapon of destruction to be his friend. It was so clear to Rintaro now. Touma’s belief in himself was a power Rintaro wished he possessed, and a power that couldn’t be denied. Touma was going to find a way to fix this. He just needed time.

Rintaro gripped the King Lion Daisenki Ride Book tightly, and prepared to give Touma that time.