I mean, just look at that title, and then look at that screencap. Look at how this thing moves from What If Ryu Was The Main Detective For The Narumi Detective Agency, all the way to Shotaro Has Accidentally Shot And Killed A Bird Dopant That Is Also A Beloved Police Detective. Just… just let that settle in. Really marinate in that thought.

This was easily the best Delusion Diary yet, and one that’ll be hard to top going forward. Shotaro’s inability to dream of a life that affords him the respect of his friends and coworkers continues to be a hilarious and depressing expression of his psychological shortcomings, and his nightmare of being Santa is incredibly insightful. (Santa is a fun dude that no one cares about, and his gifts are generally overlooked due to his clownish exterior!) This whole thing is a riot, and yet it makes me very sad for Shotaro.

That said, it completely tracks that Shotaro’s coffee is too sweet, since he is a child.