In an episode full of ridiculous concepts – Shotaro being turned into a doll, the Puppeteer Dopant being a part of a magic show that takes place in the W Cave, Terui being attracted to Lily – I think my favorite one was Akiko doing an absolutely terrible somersault to mimic Lily’s acrobatic entrances. It’s so slow and tentative, and it is perfect. It’s expert goofy physical comedy, and I liked it more than any of the wacky flights of fancy this episode had to offer.

I mean, this was still a good one! Philip and Terui are underutilized (and the audio in the introductory scene could’ve been a little better at catching dialogue), but Shotaro’s incredibly charming as Akiko’s blustery but distracted victim, and Akiko’s somersault you guys. It’s really funny!